Couture Wedding Cakes and Sugar Flowers

Delivery in Surrey and West London: Woking, Guildford, Leatherhead, Kingston, Marylebone and Nearby.

WHAT IS this Cake...losophy?

Cakelosopy is the land of beautifully crafted couture WEDDING CAKES! NO children's party cakes, novelty cakes or CUPCAKES due to limited scope.

My name is Christina Wallis and I'm really chuffed that you decided to stop by.

I have a great passion in life: Wedding Cakes and Sugarcraft (which I see as SugarArt). Those of you who met me via my YOUTUBE Channel, INSTAGRAM, or perhaps via Luc and Lucy's Cupcakes, already know that much, of course.

My vision of what a beautiful wedding cake is, draws on some well recognised cultural and arty periods in history such as Baroque and Art Nouveau, on beautiful architecture, and on the other hand, on the colours of wild flowers and the passing seasons, and all the natural textures and the elegant imperfections that come about from organic beauty in the world near and far. I love the contrast and the harmony between the man-made and natural, and cake design is my chosen tool to try and show off this fascinating spontaneous collaboration all around us and help to make your wedding day a magical and enchanted getaway.

To ensure that the bespoke wedding cakes which I design and bring to life, remain right where they are, in the league of their own, I make sure that everything I bake here, at my home kitchen, tastes delicious. All the recipes which I use are tested out, reviewed and gain a sincere 'go ahead' from those who taste them. I use decent, good quality ingredients, as I would for my family, so I never use margarine or eggs that are laid by caged hens, for example. Please refer to my 'Flavours' section for more details.

I don't repeat the cake designs which were created and honed by those other fanatical about cakes, stunning though they may be, but I will be happy to produce my interpretation of what seems to have inspired them.

In addition to wedding and celebration cakes, I will SOON be offering SUGAR FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS for sale, to be placed on your own cake, or to become a centrepiece in it's own right. I'm not offering any sugarflower lessons at present but might do in the future please SUBSCRIBE to receive intro offers and general updates (I send out one mail a month at the most ).

My PRICES vary, depending on design and complexity of the piece ordered, but they all reflect the time and skill it would take to produce exquisit and artful creation for days in your life which are designed to remain in memory forever.

Finally, in January '17, I will be starting a BLOG, dedicated to different sugarcraft techniques and, generally, all things 'Sugar Art and Cake Baking / Decorating'. If you head over to my BLOGPAGE you'll be able to see the forecast of my first 4 entries.

Thank you for taking the time to read. All enquiries can be made by phone or E-MAIL. I should be able to update all the practicalities in ref to ordering for the wedding season of '17 by the end of Nov.

For all CORPORATE and WEDDING / CELEBRATION cupcakes please go to LUC & LUCY'S CUPCAKES, my other website. It has been offering a wide range for SPECIALIST CORPORATE CUPCAKES as well as a selection popular WEDDING cupcakes for the last seven years, MINIMUM ORDER there is 48 cupcakes.


Gluten, wheat, milk, butter & eggs.

Trace of nuts possible.

Further information is available on request.

Design and Tasting Appointment.